Nineties in 2023

We are sorry to announce that there will be no racing with the NRCC in 2023. The grids where in 2022 to small, we lost to much money on it and we first are gonna have a look in 2023 how to get bigger grids in 2024. More info later.

Historical Technical Passport – HTP

We already get a lot of questions about does our car need a HTP to drive in your series. No it does not. We do not believe in it. But we believe in common sense. You know what was possible in the Nineties on your car and what was done. If you do not understand the Nineties technical possibilities stay away from our paddock. If you do you are more than welcome. And yes we are not going to turn around every bolt on your car and when you changed things to your car so your engine stays alive you are a smart technician and more than welcome.